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Add a pop of color (theory) to your home!

Green Louver Board


Worldwide circumstances are forcing us to stay at home longer than we are used to and you're starting to get sick of your home set-up! Don't worry, we all are! And you don't have to go cray cray because of the absence of spontaneity and the seemingly monochromatic life you now live because of the pandemic when you give yourself a fun home! And we know what you're thinking and no, you don't have to break the bank to pull-off an amazing home revamp project, here are a few tips we've got for you!


Going white is underrated

 Brown Wooden Organizer

If you want to play it safe when it comes to decorating your home, going for a white base paint is always a smart way to go. This will give you the freedom to use as many colorful ornamental items as you want without having to consider it it matches your room color. It's not lazy, its genius!


Complementary colors look better together

Cozy colorful chairs in modern living room

Complementary colors are aptly named for the sole reason that they really do compliment each other. If you are looking for a good furniture combination to match up with your specific-colored couch, you can easily search up what color compliments the one you already have and voila! Instant pop of intricately thought-out furniture combo in your home!


Cool colors = soothing Warm colors - Energizing

Cozy living room with sofa


Consider this when you are decorating for a room with a specific purpose. For your lounge room, you should go for soothing decorations like blue, purple and white. And if you are decorating for your work room or study room, warm colors will maintain the energized mood! A healthy mix of both is also a smart decor hack.

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