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Clever Ways to decorate your bookshelf

Calling all bookworms out there! Do you often tell yourself that you'll finally organize your book pile but end up having a sappy pile of books in the corner while your bookshelf is left untouched? Well, worry no more! Here are a few helpful and unique tips on how you can decorate and organize your inked babies.

What do you feel?

You can organize your books by how it bade you feel, happy pile always sits on the top, tragic stories at the center, like how it jabbed at the center of your chest while your unread pile can stay at the bottom of the shelf (We're pretty sure it would be a bunch!) so you can easily reach out for it on your next new read. You can also incorporate items in your bookshelf to accentuate the feeling scheme, a bright statement lamp to justify how a certain book pile made you feel enlightened and happy, or a unique decor that is a reference to your favorite book.

What color are you?

Whether you are a brown, blue, or violet sky, you will surely have a spot on your awesome bookshelf once you get it organized. You can add color-coded vases and incorporate your living greens with your bookshelf decoration. This will surely add a pop of color and life to your rack. And don't you think that it would simply be nice to make plants and paper come together? It's like a family reunion after years of being apart!

What is bookish if not aesthetically pleasing?

The dark academia aesthetic surely is a complex thing but it can be quite easy to pull off if you're already a bookish folk yourself! To have that academe vibe to your space, decorate with classic statement decor pieces of the fine folks like a bust vase as the cherry on top of your picture-perfect shelf. 

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