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Colour Combinations To Reference Your Home With During The Christmas Holidays


The bells are ringing! As the Christmas season is here again, it only means that it’s time for you to pick what colour theme you would want for your home this holiday. There are limitless colour combinations that represent the Christmas season but no colour palette could ever beat the combination of red and green, but no need to worry, because we list down the top colour combinations that would suit your home for the Christmas season!


Blue and Earthy Tones

Blue is a colour that exudes calmness and relaxation to one who sees it, match it together with some earthy tones, creating a calming Christmas palette. Besides, it also evokes the coolness of the season, giving the winter season more definition with all the blue hues. It’s an excellent colour combination for those who want to stir clear from the over-used warm red and green.

Add this blue traditional Chinese tea set to your home to contrast the cool hue that the blue brings with warm tea to enjoy in the middle of winter. As there are countless shades of blue, choosing home decorations that match your blue and earthy tones-themed home is just a piece of cake.

Neutral Tones 

Achieve a more natural look during the holidays with a neutral tones palette! If you want a more toned-down yet still festive and on-the-theme home, pick earthy tones such as brown, beige, and muted green as these colours will give your home a soothing, comforting, and warm effect.


These are great colour options for people who want a stylish design without a lot of colours or who are hesitant to combine a lot of various shades as it could be overwhelming.

This star and moon lamp would be the perfect addition to your Christmas decoration! It fits the natural and neutral tones you want for your home and still fits the theme!


White and Pink Tones 

The sweetest colour combination perfect for romantic souls, lively people, and out-of-the-box thinkers who are not afraid to make a unique Christmas of their own. White and light pink together create a calming and comforting sense that scares away the winter blues and hugs the warm pink and white like the sky. Decorating your own Christmas home isn't always done with bold colours to represent the festive mood, it can also be done with colours that exude delicate and romantic emotions to match your aesthetic. 

This heart pink rug is not just for valentines but can also bring warmth not just to withstand winter but to also warm your home with its pink hue. Keep you and your family warm from the cold winter with this weave blanket the perfect blanket to feel warm while drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace. 

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