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Must-haves for a clutter-free home

Keeping your home mess-free is no easy feat! Especially if you have a ton of items that you simply don't want to let go.

But worry not! We hand-picked a handful of items that can really help you bring the inner minimalist peg to your home!


Decorate with a purpose.

That is the general theme of this blog tip. You wouldn't want your home to be filled with various trinkets that serve you no use. Make sure to select ornamental items that will benefit your home. For instance, instead of purchasing wall decorations to fill-out the negative spaces within your home, go for statement hooks instead. That way you can maximize that negative space even more by making a place to hang coats, umbrellas and a lot more!

Baskets can also reduce the clutter within your home by keeping tiny items all conveniently in one place. Don't opt for a floor basket because it will just add up to all of your home ornaments that are already splayed across your floor, such as rugs and furniture. Choose hanging baskets instead. You can also use nets for basket to organize items on your washroom. Bathrooms are often an undermined area for organization and yet it is a spot of the house with the most products that need sorting.

Don't just let your precious greens cluttered around your home on random corners when you can even maximize the green within your space by strategically hanging them. Decorative macrame shelves are the perfect items for most potted indoor plants. We offer various selections that you can choose from so you can pick out the perfect one that suits your home the best!


Make sure to keep everything neat and clean, this also helps a home look sleek and put together.

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