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That is so Coquette! : How to turn your vintage home into something with a wee bit more spice!

Coquette is taking the internet by a storm as it goes trending once again and we're totally in for it! If you want your home to look straight out of a Lana Del Rey vinyl, then we've got you covered!

Light them up!


A coquette home is not complete with a few books to sulk into during the rainy days, and what do we need the most for a satisfying binge reading? Good lighting! Make sure you treat your eyes while you feed your mind and decorate your home with this practical and gorgeous LED Table Lamp Rose. Coquette and practical in one!


For your roses


And of course, you can't make a coquette home out of any space without flowers. Make sure those beauties are presented well and snag a few statement vases that look as good as your blossoms! A good coquette-themed home consists of a lot of items that are vintage and kawaii all in one and we have various collections of vases that are exactly like that!


Trinkets for keeps


A coquette girl has a lot of trinkets to keep and where should you put all of those teeny things? Don't make a mess within your home and put all the wee things in one space with this gorgeous Display statue. The best part about this bust decor is how it can be used as a flower base, key jar and many more all in one! Just the perfect decor as cherry on top of your coquette home.


Coquette is so popular today and we don't see it fading away anytime soon so it's a good idea to give your home a full on transformation and start decorating the coquette way!

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