Unleash your inner witch this Halloween as 2022 presents to you Witch – HOME ART LOVERS

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Unleash your inner witch this Halloween as 2022 presents to you Witch core!

When we think of houses where witches reside, houses that look abandoned and rundowns are what always comes to mind, but this 2022, witches from all over the world has shared what magical things they do have in their home to fulfil matching their houses to their personalities. 

Fun fact witches don’t eat children! As a matter of fact what they deal with are spirits, the use of crystals and tarot cards, believers in astrology and so much more! And of course, their house has to match themselves, which is what we call these days ‘Witchcore’ which can be applied in terms of clothing and in the aesthetic of one’s home. 

Now how does someone achieve a house with a witch core? First, one should have its own colour live throughout the home, and it’s not just black! Natural colours such as brown, green, white, violet, and pink that can be found around nature. Having a base colour that you want for your home is important but the furniture and decorations that surround it are what spices up your home!

Astrology is a big part of being a witch as the stars, moon and sun help guides witches through their daily life, this moon shelf where you can store your crystals and such is a big addition to your home that can magically transform any room! Seeing the moon in your living room or bathroom will surely replenish your soul.

Animals are sacred to witches, this bunny iron plate is such a flavourful addition to any witches' kitchen room where one could store their cookies and such. No need to worry though, no rabbit was harmed making this adorable plate! 

Now witches are always known for concocting different kinds of potions for different purposes, but this diamond drinkware will make any potions or punch you make even more tempting! Witches are known for their flair that even drinking should be done with style~

And lastly, to complete the whole look for your home, a witch home must always resonate with nature, this is why adding these resin birds to your wall will make the heart of your room beat with witch core. 

Adding stuff to your home that represents you no matter how small they are, no matter what help they could do to you, true decoration that fits you is what makes you simply happy just by knowing that they are now part of your home. 

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